Bharat QR & UPI

Decoding the puzzle to swift payment

We also offer cashless payment solutions that promote digital transactions. We provide Bharat QR services to all our merchants, which allows customers' to make payments to you with the help of a dynamic or static QR code. This solution is interoperable among major card schemes like MasterCard, Visa, RuPay, etc. As a merchant, if you don’t have a POS machine installed at your facility, you can simply use the QR code on your cash counter and receive payments through this medium. This way, you can easily escape the hassles of maintaining records of charge slips. Instead, you simply get the notification on your Bharat QR app.

  • Supports Card Schemes like RUPAY, MasterCard, Visa and American Express
  • On Us Connectivity
  • PCI-DSS Certified Infrastructure
  • Inter-Change Calculation
  • Reconciliation & Settlement
  • Merchant Payments
  • Smart Dispute Management
  • Field Services & Terminal Deployment
  • Customer Support