In a digital marketplace, you can depend on PayNext to connect and secure your customer’s critical financial transactions. Combined with speed and enhanced security technology, this could well be the ‘Next’ level of customer experience.

Know our solutions

Industries we work for:


We help banks and other financial institutions run their operations at a swift pace. Business banking or retail—your customers can enjoy a seamless banking experience.

Department & Retail

Your shoppers want you to be wherever they are. We help you give your shoppers what they want—personalisation, faster checkouts, convenience, and consistency.


When you’re running a restaurant, it’s all about the experience. Our digital service solutions allow you to offer an unmatched dining experience to your customers.

Grocery & Mass Merchandise

This industry is all about attracting new shoppers and retaining the old ones. We make you stand out in the crowd and help you build meaningful relationships with your customers.


From food services and car wash to fuel expenses—we simplify the payment process to help your customers get going in no time.


Technology is driving the digital economy. And we’re here to get your network to the markets faster, maximise your global presence, and optimise the customer experience.

Core Solutions

Our unique service solutions help you offer your customers a swift transaction experience, saving their time and letting them focus on what they’re here for. From point-of-sale to payments and loyalty programs, we can be the one-stop solution for all things transactional.


Our gamut of POS solutions like deployment, management, and transaction processing services, amongst others offer a swifter experience to leading banks and key financial institutions.

E-commerce Gateway

Our e-commerce gateway solution takes place in real-time, giving you secure and safe transactions. We help you take your business to new markets, boost your conversion rates by offering you a localised shopping experience.

Bharat QR

We provide Bharat QR services to all our merchants, which allows customers' to make payments to you with the help of a dynamic or static QR code.

Why PayNext

While swift transactions are imperative for businesses, clients choose to collaborate with us because they want to work with someone they can trust. They work with us for our knowledge and experience that helps them navigate their way to financial growth.

We call ourselves PayNext for a reason. By doing things differently, we keep ourselves ahead of the curve and believe in pushing our clients to the next level.

Here are 4 reasons why our clients choose us:


Never let you down:

With a team comprising a dynamic and passionate group of individuals, our clients trust us because we are dependable. At PayNext, we strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with all our clients.


Experience the best:

With great experience comes great service, and PayNext is an expert in offering you both. Not only do we manage numerous complex solutions at the back-end for you, but we also work to simplify the front-end experience for your customers.


Xtra Value for you:

We believe that things are the best when they bring you maximum value. Hence, when it comes to payments, we offer our clients’ solutions that are effective and affordable.


There is always a solution

Being ahead of the curve in providing cashless payment solutions, no challenge is too big for us. No matter what your need, we endeavour to offer you best-in-class solutions that deliver maximum satisfaction.