PayNext Privacy Policy

Background of Personal Information Protection Policy of PayNext Digital Payment Experts

PayNext manages various information, which includes our technical information and information offered to us by customers, as a global supplier who can provide complete solutions. With respect to this, PayNext has decided to establish and enforce a fully functional information management system that respects and secures the said information completely. PayNext aims to set up rules and establish a management system that protects PayNext’s personal information. We also strive to devise a privacy policy and distribute it among our board members and our employees. PayNext takes the onus of making the privacy policy easily available and accessible to the public. PayNext will do everything in its ability to protect the personal information based on this policy.

PayNext Personal Information Protection Policy

  • Establishing rules for handling personal information protection and making continuous improvements
    PayNext makes sure that the executive staff members and other workers recognise the importance of protection of personal information, and we have rules in place to ensure that personal information is appropriately used and protected. We will also make sure that the management system is in execution. These rules will be followed and improved by us as a continuous practice.
  • Gather, use, and provide personal information and forbid the use of such information for purposes other than the original intent
    As we are aware of the fact that the personal information entrusted to us in our company activities is highly confidential, PayNext will manage the information appropriately by setting up a management system. This management system will protect the personal information of each type of business, and will also be abiding by the rules that are established for collecting, using or providing personal information. PayNext will also not use such information for purposes other than the original intent and will implement appropriate measures for the same.
  • Implement safety measures and correct issues
    As we ensure that the accuracy and safety of all the personal information are in accordance with the rules for information security, PayNext will also undertake several measures such as managing access to personal information, restricting the means for transporting personal information outside the company, and preventing inaccurate access from outside the enterprise, and do our best to prevent leakage, loss or destruction of personal information. Furthermore, in case any safety measures issue arises, PayNext will identify the cause and accordingly decide the corrective measures.
  • Follow the laws and norms
    PayNext will follow Indian laws, guidelines, and other norms for managing personal information. PayNext will also conform our rules with personal information management to such laws, guidelines, and other norms.
  • Respecting an individual’s rights regarding his or her personal information
    When an individual makes a request to disclose, correct or delete his/her own personal information, seeks to prevent the use or provision of such information, or gives any complaints or requires consultation, PayNext will respond with sincerity, respecting the person’s rights pertaining to that particular information.

Personal Information

PayNext protects and manages the personal information of an individual with utmost care based on the “PayNext Privacy Policy”. In this document, “Personal” is the information below that can be used to identify specific individuals.

  • Information offered by individuals to PayNext by entering it in the ‘Inquiry form’ or any other forms
  • Information provided by individuals to PayNext through any method other than mentioned above

Collection/Usage Purpose and Provision to Third Party

  • With respect to PayNext’s core business activities for electrical machinery parts, information communication machinery parts, electronic parts manufacturing, and the information service, PayNext will gather and use personal information only to achieve each purpose. When PayNext requires a person to provide his/her personal information, we will clearly mention the purpose of the use beforehand to obtain the consent of the person
  • PayNext will not offer any personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent from the person, except the circumstances under specific conditions.
  • When required to do so for business activities in the future, where PayNext is co-operating with a group of companies, PayNext may provide such group companies with personal information such as names, home addresses, workplace addresses, fax numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Request to Disclose Personal Information or Raising Complaints

When an individual wishes to disclose, add, rectify, delete, stop usage, stop provisioning to a third party, or notify the purpose of usage of his/her personal details (hereinafter referred to as “disclose and so on”) held by PayNext, or wants to raise complaints, the individual is requested to follow the predefined procedures to make such requests.